Decorate on the Cheap with Recycled Paint

If you’ve ever redecorated your house (and who hasn’t?) you know how expensive paint can be. Here’s a solution: recycled paint

When some people think about recycled paint, words like “miser” and “cheapskate” come to mind. As if! Just because the stuff is inexpensive doesn’t mean it’s bad or has any inherent limitations. It’s good paint that other less-than-frugal people have discarded.

This is a case of one person’s trash being your treasure–and it’s not just good for you, it’s good for the Earth.

Paint Recycling for Smarties

Once upon a time, paint recycling tended to produce an unpleasant-looking limited-use product that was basically one color–that muddy awful one you get when you mix all the different paint colors together. Yuck.

Well, that’s no longer the case! These days you can get recycled paint in just about any color or shade. When the paint is collected from individuals or consolidated from manufacturers, it may be filtered, mixed with standard paint to help maintain consistency, and have pigments added or the pH adjusted.

The final result is a rich, thick, high-quality paint that you’d be proud to put on your walls, whether inside or out — assuming, of course, that you can find that perfect shade.

Why Bother?

There are several reasons you should use paint that’s been recycled. For the greener among us, consider these environmental factors: not only is the discarded paint not filling landfills and poisoning the environment, recycling it saves resources and energy that would otherwise be spent to make new paint.

And then there’s the cheapskate factor, which is especially valid these days. If you’ve done any redecorating in the past decade, you know that even cheap paint averages about $15 per gallon when new. Reprocessed paint is a definite slam-dunk when it comes to price.

See, the cost varies from about $6-9 per gallon, depending on the color and the amount you buy. Five gallon containers are usually the least expensive. And here’s the kicker, if you’re really frugal: some communities will even give it away free, if they have a collection center that processes paint.

It’s All Good

It’s okay if you’d rather use brand new paint to redecorate your bedroom, but as a savvy consumer, we recommend that you at least look into the possibility of recycled paint before you spend more than you have to on the new stuff. Here’s a nice website that lists several sources:

Take a look and try a sample. Once you have, we think you’ll agree that recycled paint is a really good deal.