Do You Freecycle?

Why All Savvy Consumers Freecycle?

Savvy consumers can benefit greatly from freecycle groups and websites, such as, that allow them to post and search for items that they are offering for free. is a giant exchange of products and services at no cost. As they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. is taking that adage to a whole new level.

What Is

In their own mission statement Freecycle mentions that they hope to reduce the burden on landfills. While it’s not necessary to be an environmental activist to benefit from websites such as Freecycle, reducing the burden on our Planet Earth is one unintended consequence of being a savvy consumer and using Freecycle.

Anyone can sign up for Freecycle and list items that they have to give away. There are over three thousand Freecycle communities and you can search for a community in your state by county or town. Then you simply click on “Join” and that will prompt you to email the community that you want to join. You should receive a response within a day or so. The best part is that is absolutely free to join.

Get On The Freecycle Train

Once your Freecycle membership is approved, you can begin searching messages that have already been posted or post your own message. You can list any items that you no longer need or use. If someone is interested, he or she will respond to your message. You can then make arrangements with the interested individual for picking up the item. You might consider listing items on Freecycle that you would consider selling at a yard sale. Freecycle can be a great source for you to find items that you might need.

Check out Freecycle if the idea of exchanging unwanted items with others for free appeals to you. Freecycle can be a great way to stretch your household budget, and it helps the environment and other consumers too.