Do You Have Unclaimed Money?

Uncashed checks, stocks or dividends? Discover if you have unclaimed money

It’s everybody’s dream, isn’t it? Unclaimed money. Who hasn’t dreamed about discovering they have money they didn’t know about? This is the dream of many and believe it or not, it can be true.

What qualifies as unclaimed money?

Unclaimed money can be in the form of uncashed checks, stocks, bonds, dividend checks, utility deposits, or even money in abandoned safety deposit boxes. These funds are considered ‘abandoned’, ‘lost’, or ‘unclaimed and the businesses are required by law to turn them in to the state.

How does it happen? It could possibly be that you closed a bank account and never went back to collect the last $50 you had in the account. It could be a partial paycheck from a company when you left for your next job. It could be money from a deposit you never collected. Whatever the case, it’s your money and you have a right to collect it.

How do you find unclaimed money?

The safest way to begin your unclaimed money search is to go through your State Treasurer’s Office. Most states have websites set up that make it easy for you to search for unclaimed money. Simply choose your favorite search engine and search for the treasury department website. For example, for the state of Arkansas, you would type, ‘Arkansas State Treasury Department’.

This search will bring up several options. It may take you to the main site or you may see listings for unclaimed property in the search options. Once on your state’s treasury site, it’s as simple as entering your first and last name and the name of the city where you live.

Beware of scams

When trying to find unclaimed money, it’s best to stick with sites you know are legitimate. You can trust your State Treasury Department website. You can also trust Missing Money’s website. This website operates much like your state treasury website.

Do not trust ads you see on the Internet promising to find your missing money. Also, don’t trust emails that guarantee they have your unclaimed money. If you receive emails making this claim, don’t click on any live links or make any phone calls. Companies that make these promises are only trying to make money from you and don’t know if you have unclaimed money. With reliable and trustworthy sites like your state treasury site, there’s no need to take the chance with anybody else.

Who knows? You really might just have some unclaimed money. That’s great! Just play it safe and use your State Treasury Office to find out for sure.