Do You Know How to Choose the Best Cat Litter?

Know your cat litter choices and choose the best for your cat

If you have a cat, you have cat litter. And, chances are, you are very familiar with the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations that one can have with cat litter. Let’s face it, if you don’t have a good cat litter, everyone knows it. You know it. Your family knows it and everyone who visits knows it.

This isn’t a good situation. To avoid having cat litter problems and all that goes along with it, learn which are the top rated cat litters and your choices when buying the best cat litter.

Choice #1 — Let Your Cat Choose

When choosing the best cat litter for your cat and your family, it’s often best to let your cat be the guide. Cats are choosey about what’s in their litter box. Some cats prefer clay, some refuse to use crystal-litter. Try to find a happy medium between price, what works best, and what your cat likes the most.

Choice #2 — Clumping

Many cat owners want cat litter that clumps. This makes it much easier to clean the litter box without having to empty the entire box. Consider this when choosing what your litter is made of. Clay litter clumps the best, but is harmful to kittens if they happen to eat any of it.

Choice #3 — Biodegradable

Biodegradable is very important these days. The most popular cat litter on the market is clay but unfortunately, clay isn’t biodegradable. Two popular biodegradable litters are Feline Pine, made with pine-lumber pellets, and World’s Best Cat Litter, made with whole kernel corn.

Both of these litters are completely biodegradable. You can flush them down the toilet or reuse them as mulch in your yard. If you like cat litter that clumps, you won’t like Feline Pine – it doesn’t clump. These biodegradable litters are also more expensive than clay cat litters, but you don’t have to use as much so they last longer.

Choice #4 — Odor Free

Being odor-free is high on the list when it comes to choosing the right cat litter. One of the best is Pestell Clear Choice Low Track Silica Crystals Cat Litter. This litter neutralizes odors, absorbs moisture, and you only have to change it once a month. But… cats don’t like the way it feels on their paws.

If you have a real odor problem and want to try this cat litter, start with a small bag to see how your cat reacts first.

Choice #5 — Encouraging to Kittens

If you’re looking for an easy way to housetrain your new kitten, you might want to give Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract a try. This herb-scented litter makes it a good choice for training kittens and even older cats who want to urinate in other places around your home.