Do You Need Help Paying for Your Prescription Medication?

Here’s help to get you the prescription medication you need

Sick, hurting, scared and not able to afford your prescription medication — when you reach this point, you feel you’ve hit rock bottom with nowhere to turn. This is where many patients find themselves when they discover they have a serious illness. They suddenly find themselves unable to afford the very medicine that will make them well.

If you or a loved one find yourself in this situation, here’s help.

Getting the medication you need

What happens when you’re critically ill and can’t afford the prescription medication you need for recovery? Margie had breast cancer but couldn’t pay for the medicine she needed. To make it more affordable, she started taking half the amount she needed.

This is what many patients do when they can’t afford their prescriptions. The problem is obvious. One-half or one-third of the prescribed medicine won’t work. You need the full amount. Instead of rationing your medicine, try doing what Margie did. She turned to a patient assistant program – saved $400 per month and got all the medicine she needed.

Below, you’ll find a list of programs that specialize in helping patients get their medications. These online websites help guide you through the maze toward getting help. You must go through a process and make sure you’re eligible, but afterwards you’ll receive your medicine in about two to six weeks.

Understanding the process

At most patient assistance sites you’ll first be asked to fill out some contact information. This usually includes your full name, address, and the medication you need.

Once you fill in this information, the next step is to fill out the actual application online or paper by printing the application.

For eligibility, patients must be legal residents of the United States. You are not eligible if you qualify for government prescription coverage like Medicaid, Medicare Part D coverage, VA, state programs, local programs, or have private coverage. Your income must be at or below 250% of the Federal poverty level

Once you know you meet the eligibility requirements, your doctor must fill out one section of the application and attach the original prescription. You must fill out the rest and attach proof of income.

If you qualify, and send in the completed application with prescription and proof of income, you can receive 12 months of medicine free. Your supply of medication is sent to your doctor’s office every three months.

Patient assistant programs

Free Medicine Program

At the free medicine program, the volunteers help you find an assistance program that’s right for you. They will send you an application kit and a letter for your doctor to fill out. They do charge a $5 processing fee but if for some reason you don’t qualify for free medicine, they refund your money.

Needy Meds

This site tracks patient assistance programs. They have lists by drug, manufacturer, and program for you to choose from. They also have lists of state programs that help you fill out the paperwork.

Partnership for Prescription Assistance

At PPA, you click on your medications to find the best program that suits your needs and fill out a short eligibility form. They have online forms and applications to make the process easy for you.

RxAssist and Rx Outreach Patient Assistance Programs

RxAssist has a database of patient assistance programs. Register and answer some basic questions and search for the medication you need.

Rx Hope

This team of caring professionals to assist by finding the right program for you and helps you get your medication free or at the lowest price.

Together Rx Access

Rx Access is a prescription card that saves you 25% to 40% on brand-name medications. It doesn’t cost anything to get or use the card. With it, you’ll get discounts on 300 prescription products.

The Access Project

The Access project helps you find help in some form. Whether through Medicaid, or state programs, they know the programs that exist and find the one that’s best for you.

There’s no reason to go without medication that’s vital to your health. Use one of these assistance programs and get the help you need to afford your prescription medication.