Do You Want to Save Money When You Shower?

Save Money after Washing Your Hair

Can you really save money when washing your hair? You bet you can! With some easy, yet practical changes you can save change each and every day — and as every savvy consumer knows, change adds up to dollars and dollars make the bank.

Is Your Hairdryer Really Your Friend?

So many women rely on their hairdryers in order to style their hair each morning. A hairdryer is an appliance, and it does cost money to use it every day. Also, there are hidden costs of using a hairdryer. Constant use of a blow dryer can be drying and damaging to your hair. That will require the use of more conditioner and more styling products to compensate for the damage.

Put It Down Ma’am

Try to limit how often you blow-dry your hair. Try letting your hair dry naturally. You can wash your hair at night about an hour before you go to bed and use a special hair towel that is super absorbent, which will reduce drying time.

While these hair towels can cost $20 or more, they are well worth the price. A hair towel will last for quite a long time (years even), and it definitely reduces drying time if you insist on blow-drying.

Another possibility is for you to get up early in the morning to allow yourself enough time to dry your hair naturally before heading off to work. Either of these options will save money because you won’t be relying on your hairdryer.

Everyday Washing Strips Hair Down

Some consumers have found that they don’t need to wash their hair everyday, so they simply blow-dry on the days they wash their hair in order to save money. This is particularly true if you don’t do any exercise on a particular day.

If you don’t get sweaty for exercise, you can usually get by without washing your hair. In the long run, your hair will be healthier because it won’t dry out as quickly from overuse of hair products and overuse of your hairdryer.

Your hair can look like a million without costing that much. Save money with the above tips and enjoy healthier hair as a result.