Does the Shake Weight Deliver On Its Promises?

What does the shake weight really do — and is it worth the minor investment?

If you’ve never heard of the shake weight, it’s a pretty simple concept to explain. The shake weight is exactly what it sounds like: a handheld weight that shakes. The product mainly targets women, suggesting that the weight’s vibrations allow it to tone your body without adding bulk far more effectively than traditional hand weights.

People have always loved the idea that you could just shake to lose weight: after all, the less effort the better. And I’m not going to lie: the idea of a fairly light hand weight that did most of its work through vibration appealed to me. The weight doesn’t cost that much, so I figured what the heck — why not give it a try?


Like any weight, the shake weight helps you tone up if you use it regularly. I pitted myself against a friend who also wanted to lose weight and build some muscle: she used a regular weight and I tried the shake weight. We both used our weights regularly, and we both developed far better muscle tone than we’d seen in years.

Although the idea of shake the weight might sound difficult to hold onto, it’s not, really. It does vibrate but not in a particularly annoying way, and the fact that it’s not very heavy meant I had no problem doing repeated reps.


My friend and I both used 2.5 lb weights, and I have to admit: I didn’t see any difference between the amount of muscle tone she built and the amount I managed. It seems to me that the weight simply works like a weight should: I’m not sure the shaking and vibrating has much of an effect.

As for bulking up too much, that’s largely a myth anyway: unless you’re planning to go to the gym and become a focused bodybuilder, you aren’t going to turn into a muscle man (or woman). Remember, those bodybuilders work extremely hard to achieve those bodies with so much definition. You aren’t going to get that body by accident.

In conclusion: at twenty bucks, the shake weight isn’t too much of a gamble. But it’s also not a massive success story. Whether you use a shake weight or a regular hand-held weight, you’ll achieve results by dedication and constant use.