Don’t Let Sub Par Restaurant Service Slide

Make Sure You Get the Restaurant Experience You Deserve

The other day I was eating out with my family at a local restaurant and must say we endured the worst possible service I could ever experience. The restaurant waitress wasn’t just inattentive, she was downright rude. Now I’m not usually one to make a scene, but I wasn’t going to let this behavior slide and you shouldn’t either. So what should you do when you experience horrible restaurant service?

Take a Stand

First and foremost, don’t ignore the poor behavior. If the person hates their job that much or can’t do their job properly, they should step aside and give the job to someone who can. However, there are proper and improper ways to handle this restaurant scenario.

Whatever you do, don’t cause a scene. While you may think that drawing the attention of other diners in the restaurant is the best way to make your point, you’re sorely mistaking. Instead, quietly ask to speak to the manager and explain your case to the one in charge.

If the restaurant manager isn’t sympathetic to your situation, ask for the contact information of the owner or if the restaurant is a chain, ask for the number to the corporate office and take your case to them.

What You Can Expect

Either the manager, the owner or the corporate office should at least give you a break off your total bill if they don’t give you the entire meal for free or give you a gift certificate for a return visit. If the restaurant does nothing to compensate you for your horrible experience, do yourself a favor and don’t return.