Don’t Pre-Pay for Funerals Until You Read This

Think pre-paying for your funeral is a good idea? Think again

You’ve seen the funeral commercials. It shows grieving family members trying to make difficult decisions for their loved one’s last arrangements. They tell you how it’s too emotional a time to make decisions, you don’t want to leave your family owing for your funeral and if you’re a thoughtful person, you’ll take care of your own arrangements before you pass away.

All good arguments but are they smart decisions?

Pre-paid funeral arrangements

According to funeral home commercials, if you’re a thoughtful and caring person, you’ll pre-pay for your funeral arrangements. All sound arguments and you see the point. But the problem is, maybe it’s not such a good idea to pre-pay after all. Here are some reasons you may want to rethink making your funeral arrangements ahead of time.


The number one reason pre-paying for your funeral service isn’t such a good idea is good, old basic theft. Who’s to say that even if you pre-pay now, the funds still remain waiting to pay for your funeral. We don’t like to think about funeral home personnel being dishonest, and most aren’t, but it happens.

It’s also possible that a funeral home could go out of business. If they hold your funds and they file bankruptcy, there goes the money you paid for your funeral.

Change in funeral wishes

The decisions you make when you’re in your 50s, the most common time to pre-pay for funerals, may not be the ones you want when you actually pass away. Cremation is fast becoming the preferred method of burial because it is much less expensive than regular burial. If you change your mind later, you may not be eligible for a refund.


Most people pre-pay for their funerals in their 50s. People these days live longer than ever before. And the odds that you will die in the city where you pre-paid for your funeral are slim. Your pre-paid funeral arrangements are good only in the city you made them. Relocate and your funeral won’t be paid for.


The idea of pre-paying for a funeral is so your relatives won’t have to pick up the costs. However, prices go up. Funeral directors add on extras and make other suggestions. The end result is that your funeral ends up costing your relatives anyway.

If you like the idea of pre-paying for your funeral and making final arrangements for yourself, the best thing to do is to check prices and set aside the amount of money you’ll need for your funeral. Put this money in a special account or even a safe deposit box along with written requests. This way, your family has the money for the funeral and all of your requests written out so they don’t have to make decisions for your funeral.