DVD Clubs — Good Idea or Bad?

Do DVD clubs pay off in the long run?

You’ve probably seen advertisements for DVD clubs in the mail. Oftentimes they’re offering free or discounted DVDs if you join their DVD of the month club. The question is are the free DVDs really worth it or are DVD clubs something to be avoided?

They’ve Gotten Better

It used to be that if you joined DVD clubs, they’d send you a DVD each and every month and if you didn’t want the DVD you’d have to send it back or you’d have to pay for it. Nowadays they don’t actually send you a DVD, they send you a notice of what the DVD of the month is. If you don’t respond saying you don’t want the DVD, the DVD gets shipped to your house.

Self Discipline

If you’re one of those people who tend to put things to the side, you might forget to send back notice that you don’t want the DVD clubs DVD of the month, thereby sticking you with a DVD you don’t want and a nice hefty bill for it.

While DVD clubs can offer great incentives and excellent prices to long-term members, if you’re going to be getting stuck with DVDs that you don’t want, it negates any other savings you might realize.

All in all, if you are thinking of joining one of the DVD clubs make sure that you can adhere to the terms of the club membership and that you send back the notice that you don’t want a DVD if the DVD of the month is one that you’re not interested in.