Eat Healthy, Eat Cheap — Is it Possible?

Yes it is! Follow these 4 tips and eat healthy

You can’t underestimate how important it is to eat healthy. Without good nutrition, your immune system is compromised and you find yourself getting sick more often. The problem is most people think eating healthy means buying expensive foods. This doesn’t have to be the case. Learn to prepare healthy, easy, low cost meals by following these tips.

Tip #1 — Eat at home

Most people complain they don’t have time to cook or to eat healthy. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Check out any online cooking site and find sections on ‘meals in minutes’, ’20-minute meals’ or ‘dinner in a hurry’. You get the idea. Try to eat healthy and search the Internet for fantastic quick meal ideas. Many sites offer quick, easy meals and teach you to eat healthy.

Tip #2 — Healthy food staples

The key to eating healthy but cheaply is having the right food stocked in your pantry. With the foods listed below, you can create a multitude of quick meals.

— Brown rice
— Frozen vegetables
— Cheese
— Whole grain crackers
— Nuts
— Beans
— Fruit – fresh but some canned to keep on hand
— Whole wheat bread, bagels, English muffins
— Natural peanut butter
— Salad fixings – Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc.
— Low fat salad dressing
— Canned tuna or chicken
— Frozen chicken breasts
Make your own seasonings
— Olive or Canola Oil

Tip #3 — Plan ahead

Decide on a ‘grocery’ day. The day before or during the weekend when you have time, sit down and plan out meals for the week. Make your list and one trip to the store. When you plan and shop like this, you always have the groceries you need and don’t have to come home from a hard day at work and ‘think’ up something to eat.

Tip #4 — Cook ahead

A great way to be sure there is always something to eat for dinner is to cook ahead. For instance, you can thaw one pack of frozen chicken breasts, marinate them and then freeze them individually. Or, you can cook them all at once and freeze after cooking. All you have to do after that is thaw, microwave a few veggies and you have a meal.

Do this with hamburger meat too. Buy the family pack of meat, brown the entire pack and then season part for tacos and make spaghetti sauce with the remaining meat. You can also just brown and freeze the meat so you have it on hand for other meals like chili.

Wash, chop, and prepare your salad fixings. Next, dry and put them in Ziploc storage bags removing as much air as possible. Your fixings will stay fresh for a week. Get out one of the chicken breasts you cooked earlier and garnish your salad with it — filling, healthy, and cheap.

These tips are, of course, just the beginning. Don’t let saving money and eating healthy become a chore. All it takes is a little planning and learning. In no time, it will become second nature to you. Eat healthy and save money at the same time.