Electrical Home Repairs — Hiring the Right Contractor

Tips on hiring a reliable contractor for electrical repairs.

Somehow, you always feel like you’re getting ripped off when it comes to electrical home repairs. Why is that? Maybe it’s because you’re dealing in an area you don’t feel especially knowledgeable about, so you don’t completely trust the estimate you get.

If you would like to make sure you’re getting the best deal and saving money, here are some tips for you to follow.

Tip #1 — References

Before you let any contractor inside your home, get some references. It is best if you can find an electrician that a family member or friend recommends. If this isn’t possible, ask the contractor for references and then call these references. Ask about the quality of the work and if the contractor stayed in budget.

Tip #2 — Sign a contract

You need to be specific when hiring an electrician or any contractor for that matter. Have in writing:

— exactly what needs to be repaired
— what parts are needed
— time estimate for the job
— the hourly service charge

Have the electrician write this out in list form and sign it.

Tip #3 — Payment

Pay no more than half of the job cost upfront. It is normal for contractors to need a deposit for the work they are about to do. This gives them money to go buy parts required for the job. Never pay more than half! If you pay the entire amount at the start of the job, you just might never see that contractor again.

Tip #4 – Reasonability

Some contractors try to “milk” the job for everything they can get. If you only need one light switch repaired and the electrician gives you an estimate to rewire the entire room, you know that isn’t a reasonable quote. If an estimate doesn’t sound reasonable, it probably isn’t.

When hiring a contractor, be sure to check for references, sign a contract and only pay half of the money up front. By following these tips, you can feel better about making a good decision about the contractor you hire for your electrical home repairs.