Enjoy Acrylic Nails without Spending a Fortune

Feel pretty without the guilt — Use these 5 tips and save money on your acrylic nails

For many women, acrylic nails are a must-have. Acrylic fingernails feel feminine and pretty especially when you have a nail picking or biting habit. But those salon prices make you shudder? Follow these cost cutting tips and have the best of both worlds.

Tip #1 — Do your own nails

Learning how to do acrylic nails isn’t difficult and it really helps to save yourself a lot of money. Start by searching ‘How to do acrylic nails‘ and find plenty of videos providing great instructions. There are many other good video series on learning to do your own acrylic nails as well. These series demonstrate everything from safety and supplies, to application and finishing.

For written step-by-step instructions, check your local beauty supply store. They usually provide free instructions for their customers. This way, you don’t pay for information to get started.

Tip #2 — Buy supplies in bulk

Trying to learn how to do your own nails? Save big by buying your supplies in bulk at beauty supply stores. Ask a clerk to help you buy the correct supplies or start with this basic list:

— Files
— Nail Tips
— Liquid acrylic
— Powdered acrylic
— Soft buffer
— Polish — base, color and topcoat

Buying supplies in bulk is much cheaper than buying acrylic nail kits with only one or two applications.

Tip #3 — Beauty schools

Check around town and ask about beauty schools or colleges. These schools are full of eager students who need live clients to work on. If this worries you, rest easy. Before the students work on clients, they study and practice on ‘dummy hands’ many, many times.

Beauty schools benefit both you and the students. The students get to work on ‘live’ clients and you get your acrylic nails for around half the regular cost.

Tip #4 — Small salons

If you don’t feel adventurous enough to try doing your own acrylics, shop around for small salons. The larger and more upscale the salon, the more expensive they are.

Look for salons owned and operated by one or two people. They may not have the fancy designer studios; but they give quality nail sets for a much lower price — usually around 25% cheaper.

Tip #5 — Get an extra week of pretty nails

When you see the gap between your acrylics and your cuticles, you know it’s time to go to the salon once again. This usually takes about two weeks. An easy way to buy extra time between salon visits is to buy some liquid acrylic.

When your nails begin growing out, file the ridge of the acrylic down closer to your real nail and fill in the area with the liquid. Finish with base, color, and topcoat as usual. This buys you an extra week.

To many women, a set of pretty fingernails is as important as having the right outfit or accessories. Without their nails, they don’t feel pretty and feminine. If this applies to you, don’t apologize and don’t feel guilty. Just use these tips and continue having your beautiful acrylic nails.