Ever Hear of a Magazine Swap?

A Magazine Swap Can Help You Make Use of All Those Magazine Subscriptions

If you’re anything like me, you have at least one or two magazine subscriptions and if that’s the case, you definitely should look into starting a magazine swap. After all, you pay good money for those magazine subscriptions. A magazine swap will ensure that you’re getting your monies worth from each and every magazine you subscribe to.

Starting a Magazine Swap

The best way to start a magazine swap is to ask some of your friends, relatives, or coworkers if they would be interested in participating in one. Here’s how it works…

You subscribe to two magazines and your coworker also subscribes to two different magazines. Every person participating in the magazine swap does the same. Then, after about a week or so, you all trade magazines. When you’re done with the magazines you traded for, trade again with another member of the magazine swap. It’s a great way to maximize your magazine subscriptions and since you and your friends will be reading the same articles, you’ll have something to talk about.

No More Guilt

If you feel guilty about not reading the magazines you get in the mail sometimes, you don’t have to feel that way anymore. Creating a magazine swap can be a great way to utilize the sometimes-ignored magazine subscriptions that you receive. Sometimes you might read an article or two in your new issue and then toss it aside, forgetting about it completely. There might be some interesting material that another individual in your magazine swap would enjoy reading. Also, if you know that your day to trade magazine subscriptions is approaching, you will be more likely to read the magazines rather than tossing them aside.

A Win-Win Situation

In essence, a magazine swap allows you access to a wider variety of magazine subscriptions without having to pay a lot of money for it. If you ask around, you will certainly find a few people who would be willing to participate. Any idea that stretches a family’s household budget will usually be well received. If you can get several people to participate, you can really maximize the benefits of a magazine swap.