Everything You Need to Know About the Nuwave Oven

Considering a nuwave oven? This is the product review you need.

When I first heard about the nuwave oven, my initial reaction was: too good to be true! This little machine uses infrared technology to cook even an entire turkey quickly, efficiently — and without heating up the house? It grills, dehydrates, bakes, roasts, and even fries without using oil? This sounds like the poster child for false promises.

But to my surprise, the nuwave infrared oven actually delivers on all of these attributes. Here’s what I found when it comes to the nuwave oven.

Does it do what it promises? Absolutely. Part of the reason I wanted to write a nuwave oven review was to praise the thing’s cooking capabilities. I’m especially fond of how it does meat. I’m a chronic chicken overcooker because I’m paranoid about salmonella, but with the Nuwave oven, that’s no longer a worry: it quickly and easily cooks meat so that it’s juicy, tender, and very, very tasty.

Will you keep using it? That’s a common issue with new products: it’s fun and unique at first, but you get bored with it and it winds up tucked away in a cupboard. That hasn’t been my experience with the Nuwave oven, though. When something cooks this quickly and easily, you tend to keep at it. Plus, you can cook just about everything — from a 12 pound turkey to a pizza — in your oven.

Is it easy to care for? As easy as anything else. There is some clean up, but that’s pretty much a given. It’s like using a regular oven: if you can cover things with tin foil, your job will be much easier in the long run, although you’ll still have to do a bit of wiping up afterwards.

Is there a downside? No product is perfect, and the Nuwave infrared oven is no exception. It’s not huge, so if you have a big family it can be difficult to cook everything you need. It does require some cleaning and it’s definitely not safe for kids to operate — it’s a bit bulky and you can burn yourself if you’re not careful (just like with a traditional oven).

Overall: It’s rare to find a product that gets mostly positive reviews online, and the Nuwave oven is one such product. If you want something that quickly, easily, and reliably cooks so you don’t have to, the nuwave oven is the product for you.