Find the Right Belly Dance Video

Always wondered about the fine art of belly dance? Find a belly dance video that will work for you

Want to try belly dancing but too nervous to sign up for a class? A belly dance video provides a fantastic option. After all, it gives you the opportunity to try some basic moves without paying too much money, investing in fancy equipment, or having to leave the comfort and security of your home.

As belly dancing becomes more popular, belly dance videos show up all over the place for beginners. But not all videos are created equal! So take a look at the pros and cons of some popular belly dancer videos aimed at beginners.

1. Goddess Workout

Dolphina provides varied instruction, and her videos look amazing: soft music, gorgeous backgrounds, and a sense that you’re really studying belly dance in the Middle East! The downside is that the videos beginner level is tough, and the cinematography doesn’t help; frequently focusing on the dancer’s midriff or face instead of arms and legs.

Bottom line: a good introduction to belly dancing, but it makes a better belly dancer visual than actual instruction course.

2. Neena and Veena’s Bellydance Workout for Beginners

Neena and Veena, the belly-dancing twins, well known for their belly dancers videos. They provide clear, explicit instructions, give many options for different moves, and always teach lovely choreography. They also do a good job of providing instruction for beginners that won’t bore you. You’ll find the video challenging at first, but not impossible.

Bottom line: an excellent choice for beginning dancers.

3. Amira’s Beginning Dance

This is one of the best belly dance videos out there, simply because it’s one of the most thorough. Amira emphasizes posture and technique, providing a good basis for someone who really wants to learn belly dancing (rather than someone who’s just interested in a different slant to their fitness routine).

Bottom line: May be too intense for some people, but the best bet for serious wannabe dancers.

Before you buy any video, check out customer reviews. It’s always a good idea and will help you find the best belly dance video for you.