Have You Tried Firefox Yet?

Firefox is Making the Web a Nicer Place to Visit

I think of Firefox as the ultimate method of Internet travel. After all, when you venture into unfamiliar territories, you want to do so with the fastest, safest and most enjoyable method of transport possible. In the world of the Web, Firefox is it.

What is Firefox?

Anyone who knows me knows that Firefox has been my Web browser of choice for years. Firefox may actually be the best popular Web browser. If you currently use Internet Explorer when you surf the Internet, you don’t know what you’re missing.

What Can Firefox Do For You?

When it comes to the differences between Firefox and the competition, there are many. But rather than just sit here and bash the other Web browsing applications, I’d rather explain why I personally prefer Firefox over the other browsers out there.

The first thing that drew me to Firefox was the security issue. Firefox, as a rule, offers a safer Internet experience than Internet Explorer.

Anyone who has ever run Internet Explorer on their PC for any significant amount of time can probably relate to my security concerns. After all, it seems that viruses, trojans and other malware just love to infiltrate computers via IE weaknesses — weaknesses that Firefox usually doesn’t tend to have.

In addition to a safer Web experience (which includes a pop-up blocker, phishing protection, anti-spyware properties and the ability to clear all of your private data), Firefox also offers tabbed browsing, integrated spell check, integrated Web search and search suggestion features, session restore capability, and control over Web feeds. The latest version of Internet Explorer has some of these features and better security than previous versions, but Firefox is still more secure overall.

Move Over Microsoft — There’s a New Sheriff In Town

I’m not alone in my affection for Firefox. Over the years, the FireFox Web browser has been taking an increasing portion of market share away from Microsoft. Many businesses are starting to turn to Firefox for their company’s web browsing needs.

Better Than Cheap

If you’re worried about the cost factor involved with changing Internet browsers, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised. Firefox isn’t going to cost you a dime. Gives a whole new meaning to the “best things in life are free” concept, doesn’t it?

So, my advice is this… If you haven’t used Firefox before, you honestly don’t know what you’re missing. I can talk your ear off about why I use Firefox, but until you actually use it for yourself, you probably won’t understand the differences between it and the competition.

Download Firefox here.

Even if you need to use Explorer (for whatever reason), many people don’t realize you can run two browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer) simultaneously. So, you don’t even really have to choose. Most people who switch from IE to Firefox never go back — and there’s obviously a reason for it.