Flossing For Life

Why Flossing is Just as Important as Brushing Your Teeth

Flossing your teeth is very important for not only your dental health but also for your overall health as well. Some studies have even indicated a relationship between heart disease and poor dental hygiene. Flossing daily is necessary because brushing alone is not enough to maintain proper oral hygiene and healthy teeth and gums.

Routine, Routine, Routine

It might be tempting to skip flossing on days when you are tired or busy, but don’t! You can easily floss your teeth in less than five minutes when you are watching a nightly T.V. show or even during commercial breaks. At the very least, floss your teeth once a day, but twice if at all possible and try to manage flossing after every meal if you can manage.

You’ve Got Choices

There are many varieties of dental floss available including both waxed and unwaxed. Dental floss is available in several flavors, and mint is usually a popular choice. There are even dental floss products available for those with braces and those with dentures. Very often, your dentist will give dental floss samples at your routine check-up, so there is really no excuse for not using it.

The Costs

Dental floss is very inexpensive so throwing some in your grocery cart every once in a while isn’t going to have any impact on your budget. However, if you suffer serious dental deterioration or gum disease due a significant lack of flossing, money will be a serious issue since dental care isn’t exactly cheap.

A Pretty Smile

Let’s face it. Good oral hygiene contributes to a healthy smile and a healthy smile makes people look and feel better. Flossing is an important component of dental hygiene. If you don’t want to suffer from unsightly dental flaws, flossing will help keep your mouth in order.

Take It To Heart

Another thing to consider is that flossing isn’t just good for your teeth and gums. Since flossing can reduce bacteria along your gum line, it can actually aid your cardiac health. The bacteria that thrive in that area of your mouth can actual be detrimental to your cardiac health, so flossing them away should be a top priority.