Follow these Tips and Get Sewing Machine Savvy

Bitten by the sewing bug? Learn which sewing machine features are important and how to find the best deal

If the sewing bug has bitten you, the first thing to do is buy the right sewing machine. The world of sewing machines has changed since the days of your grandma. Today, there are basic manual machines, computerized sewing machines, and embroidery sewing machines.

Before you jump in and buy the first machine you lay eyes on, learn the in’s and out’s of what is available to fit your budget, your skill level, and your sewing needs. Here’s how.

Shop for sales

Because it is usually women who sew or want to learn how, sewing machines typically go on sale during the Christmas season and Mother’s Day. Watch for sales and don’t be afraid to ask retailers to beat or match your best deal.

Shop for the right retailer

It’s a personal choice, but you need to decide which is more important to you — customer support or a cheap price. If you need the absolute lowest price, shop retailers like Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart. You’ll find the low price you’re searching for but won’t receive any support like lessons or repairs.

Specialized retailers offer support for your questions, teach classes to acquaint you with your new machine, teach sewing lessons, carry lines of machine accessories, and might have on-the-spot repair available.

Shop for the right feel

Different sewing machines sew differently and have their own ‘feel’ to them. The machine your mother absolutely loves may not be the one for you. Never buy a sewing machine without taking it for a test drive.

Shop for your needs and skill level

Before you buy, be honest. Do you have absolutely no sewing experience what so ever? If so, don’t buy an embroidery or computerized sewing machine. Start with a basic manual machine, take sewing lessons, and see how you like it. The sewing bug may have bitten you, but once you actually try to sew, you may be cured of your ‘bug’ quickly. If this is the case, you haven’t lost much if you started with a relatively inexpensive machine.

On the other hand, you may take your first lesson and fall head over heels in love with sewing. If this is the case, after you learn the basics, take you machine back to your retailer and trade up. Computerized and embroidery machines are wonderful and open up an entirely new world of sewing.

Sewing is a fun and satisfying hobby. Remember choose wisely, begin sewing gradually, build upon your skills, and you’ll enjoy your sewing machine and your new hobby for years to come.