For Sale: Land on the Moon

Can you really own your own piece of land on the moon?

Believe it or not, buying land on the moon seems to be bigger than buying bridges these days. Yes, you heard me right, for just a few insignificant dollars you can own your own precious piece of land on the moon — with terrific Earth views, no less.

How much is your own piece of property on the moon going to cost you? A lot less than land here on Earth will. Lunar land only costs $19.95 per acre. Just imagine how many acres you could own on the moon for the cost of one acre here on Earth. (Never mind the fact that you’ll probably never step foot on it.)

Back to Reality

Seriously though, how legitimate are these claims that you can buy land on the moon for just a few dollars per acre? Well, I cannot give you an opinion on the legalities since I am certainly not an attorney.

The biggest seller of lunar land, Lunar Embassy, states that they can sell the property on the moon because they were the first ones to claim it. How well that would stand up in court is still to be determined, but I wouldn’t hold my breath (but that’s just my personal opinion)…

Buyer Beware

As always, buyer beware. If you’re buying lunar land as a gag gift or as a novelty, then perhaps you could go ahead. But if you’re buying land on the moon as an investment or because you really think you’d like to own an acre or two on the moon, then I’d certainly recommend talk with an attorney. It’s my opinion that you might want to think twice (or three times, or four times, or…) before shelling over your hard-earned cash.