Forget the Grocery Store When You Need to Buy Spices

Buy Spices Online and Save Cash

I have a funny story to tell about when my wife and I went to the grocery store to buy spices. Well, it was more like she had to buy spices and I went along for the ride. Little did I know when we were leaving the house that I was about to experience the full extent of this woman’s cheapness (or frugality, as she puts it)…

To Start The Story…

First, let me explain why we were going to the grocery store to buy spices when my wife usually orders them online. She makes this homemade potpourri with certain spices and herbs and she was running out of what she needed before her next online order was going to arrive. It was either a quick trip to the grocery store or run out before UPS could deliver the next batch.

Can You Experience Sticker Shock in the Baking Aisle?

So there I was, minding my own business looking at the instant chocolate cake desserts when I hear an odd noise and see a bit of a commotion out of the corner of my eye. At first, I thought there was something really wrong. My wife looked as though she had swallowed a bug. Of course, being the caring husband I am I ran over, prepared to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Only after I reached my wife’s side did I hear the words she was muttering and low and behold, she hadn’t swallowed a darn thing. She was experiencing a bit of sticker shock and was a bit upset about the prices she was going to pay if she did indeed buy spices at the grocery store. I had to laugh (but stopped as soon as I saw the effect THAT was having on her).

To Make a Long Story Short

Anyway, the moral of the story is this… If you need to buy spices, buy them online. See, according to my wife, you shouldn’t pay almost $5 or $6 for a little bitty container of ground allspice at the store when you can get a whole pound of it for about ten bucks online. Need to buy spices? Shop the web and buy them in bulk.