Free, Fun Activities for the Whole Family

Fun activities your kids will love and won’t cost you a fortune

Fun activities are one of the best ways to build lasting relationships and memories with your children. The problem is, what your kids think is fun is also usually expensive. If you’re looking for fun activities for kids that everyone in the family will enjoy, look no further.

Teen activities

When you’re thinking teen, think cool. No teen wants to do some fuddy-duddy activity with their parents. They want to do cool stuff they can brag about to their friends. So what fits into a category like that? Try rock climbing, hiking, spelunking, white water rafting, snorkeling, and orienteering.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “Me, climb a rock? Explore a cave (spelunking)? Don’t think so. Not in this lifetime.” Let me tell you how you can pull this off. First, you don’t have to be the expert — look for experts. Find free information online. You’ll not only find free information, but also find guides to where you can do this sort of thing, and plenty of instructions as to how to do it.

Middle school age activities

Family fun activities for this age group can be anything from playing outdoor games together to making or building things. Outdoor games can be the old stand-bys such as:

— Baseball
— Dodgeball
— Touch football
— Volleyball
— Hopscotch
— H.O.R.S.E.
— Broomball
— Hike
— Bike ride
— Paint or draw
— Swimming
— Fishing
— Crafts
— Camp (the backyard counts)
— Star gaze
— Family dance
— Picnic
— Go to the park
— Cook hotdogs over an outdoor fire
— Board games
— Card games
— Capture the flag
— Kickball

This age group is the easiest to have fun with. They are old enough to have a wide range of skills and aren’t too cool to spend time with you. None of these ideas cost money, but this age group will greatly appreciate you making the effort to play and spend time with them.

Little kid activities

This age group is all about fun. To them, life is a party — so join in! Their skills may be limited, but they are easy to please.

— Bubble blowing
— Chalk art
— Learn to play catch
— Learn to jump rope
— Family slumber party with movie and treats
— Family camping in the backyard
— Fort building (think chairs, kitchen table, and blankets)
— Water gun war
— Water balloon toss/war
— Fly kites
— Finger painting
— Coloring
— Play dough
— Freeze tag
— Kick the can
— Flashlight tag
— Hopscotch
— Family walks
— Family bike rides
— Bake cookies

Remember, the most fun activity you can do with your kids is simply spend time with them. Kids don’t need loads of money, but they do need loads of time. Use these ideas as a starting point for free fun activities for your kids and go have some fun!