Free Resources to Learn a Foreign Language

Have fun and learn a foreign language for free

Always wanted to learn a foreign language? Many people have. Whether you learn a second language for fun, for business, for travel, or for school… you know it can be expensive. Find some other alternatives.

The top-selling foreign language course on the market RosettaStone is great but pricey. Not quite ready to spend the money on this course? Need to test the waters first? Try learning a foreign language free with one of these courses.

Free online language course

This site is a great start to learning a foreign language. Choose from 7 languages and get taught the basics… like greetings, introductions, where you’re from, talk about your family, where you live and work, food and drink, ask directions, shop, and what you like doing.

The site is video-based with activities, word games and worksheets to help you each step of the way. BBC free online language courses help you through basic to intermediate learning.

Online language school

LiveMocha is an online school for learning a foreign language. Choose from 35 languages and learn through:

— interactive lessons

— listening exercises

— reading exercises

— sentence construction

— speaking exercises

— writing exercises

— community review

— flashcards

— quizzes

In addition to all of these learning helps, LiveMocha connects you to native speakers in the learning language. So that means online learning support, community support and connecting with native speakers. This feature is great for those who are people persons. If you prefer learning by yourself and don’t like the idea of talking to strangers, try something else.

Free language courses

Do you desire 102 free language courses. This is for you. Want to learn a less than mainstream language? Find it here. While most language courses teach more popular courses like Spanish, French, German, etc., Word2Word has languages you might not be able to find a course for otherwise. Courses like Ojibwe, Papiamentu, Hhalkomelem and Kapampangan are offered here.

None of the sites are as professional as and you definitely won’t learn like paying for Rosetta Stone, but if you’re looking for basic information, find it here.

Regardless of your reason, learning a foreign language is fun and useful. Why not get started and take advantage of one of these free online foreign language courses. Just think of how you broaden your horizons!