Fruit Stickles Make Healthy Snack Ideas

Looking for a healthy snack? Try delicious fruit stickles!

It’s the perfect time for a product like fruit stickles, and there are a lot of reasons. First of all, more people than ever are concerned with eating healthy snacks. These days, parents aren’t interested in plugging their kids full of potato chips and jujubes for after school snacks, and they’re trying to eat healthier themselves. That makes a fantastic market for healthy snack ideas the whole family can enjoy.

Obviously, one of the healthiest snacks comes courtesy of nature herself: a delicious piece of fruit. And while fruit is delicious, it can get a little bit boring, too. This is especially true for kids, who turn a look of dismay on well-intentioned parents when you plop an apple down in front of them.

Fruit stickles to the rescue

Fortunately, there’s a new product that makes eating fruit more attractive. With fruit stickles, you can quickly and easily transform fruit into a special treat while still serving healthy snacks to your family.

So what are these things, anyway? Well, the concept is pretty simple: they’re a wooden skewer you use to make fruit kebabs! The idea is far from revolutionary, but the product itself undergoes a few twists and turns to make it more interesting.

The sticks use natural oils to give the fruit an added burst of flavor. Think those tasty toothpicks you used to get at restaurants. The fruit stickles, though, don’t use nasty tasting and unhealthy artificial flavoring; they steep the sticks in natural oils so that everything you’re eating is calorie free, perfectly organic, and fully healthy.

Ideas for using fruit stickles

Since fruit stickles come in a variety of flavors (cinnamon and tropical fruits), you can experiment with different types of fruit and create your own healthy snack taste sensations. Kids will love it if you provide bowls of chopped fruit, let them select a flavored stick, and create their own concoctions.

Meanwhile, cinnamon strawberry fruit kebabs would make a fantastic dessert for a barbeque or dinner party. Volunteer to bring dessert and you no longer have to worry about refusing someone’s delicious homemade cheesecake: you can make sure the dessert is healthy, low in calories, and delicious to boot. With all of these bonuses, fruit stickles are a fantastic new product.