Fundraisers in Your Community Provide Entertainment and a Great Way to Stretch Your Dollars

Look for Fundraisers in Your Community the Next Time You Need Something to Do

If you’re interested in buying items from some of the well-known “party” brands such as Longaberger or Boyd’s Bears, you might want to avoid going to a house party altogether and look for fundraisers in your community. Community organizations and schools sometimes have fundraisers where attendees can win prizes such as Longaberger baskets.

Keep an Eye Out

Keep your eyes and ears open to what is going on in your surrounding community. Even in smaller communities, there are a wide variety of fundraisers in your community that you can participate in. If you attend a Longaberger bingo, you will pay around $20 for your ticket. Once there you will have the opportunity to win Longaberger baskets. The cost of just one prize is usually much more than the cost of your ticket, and your participation usually helps the organization who is holding the fundraiser. You will be helping your community and perhaps going home with a pretty nifty prize for a reduced “cost” all at the same time.

Chinese Auctions

Another great idea is to attend a Chinese auction in your community. Attendees get a specific number of tickets for their admission price, which is usually pretty reasonable anyway. Many times the prizes at Chinese auctions are incredibly useful too. Often, there are a variety of gift certificates available to restaurants in your community or local hair salons or grocery stores. If you get lucky, you can head home with a few prizes worth much more than the cost of your admission. Most fundraisers in your community such as Bingo parties or Chinese auctions also serve refreshments which also help to support the organization who is hosting the fundraiser.

Keep in mind that you will be supporting local organizations when you attend fundraisers in your community and have fun at the same time.