Getting Great Deals at Yard Sales

Your How-To Guide for Getting Great Deals

You’ve probably heard from a few friends about what great deals they find at yard sales or garage sales. If you’re looking for great deals too, going to garage sales or yard sales can be a great way to get good merchandise at a fraction of the cost. But you might not even know where to go? If you need help finding yard sales or don’t know how to navigate this growing subculture, keep reading. If you are interested in getting great deals, we have just the information you need.

Required Reading

One way consumers hunt down great deals and find out about yard sales is through their local newspaper. The local newspaper will usually publish a list of area yard sales. This list is usually published just one day a week, so if you don’t have a newspaper subscription, you might want to buy the paper that day or read a coworker’s to find out where all the yard sales are at.

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

It is important to show up early to a yard sale. There are many other consumers in search of great deals and individuals who are veterans when it comes to yard sales show up early to have first dibs on items they are interested in.

Smart Planning

Be realistic. You won’t be able to get to all the yard sales that you want to. There might be ten or more possibilities for just one Saturday. You will have to pick and choose or divide and conquer. Pair up with a friend or encourage your spouse to take part and each travel with a cell phone. That way you can alert each other to possible items or great deals the other might be interested in over the phone.

What Are You Driving?

It’s also good to have access to a large vehicle when you are going to yard sales. Some of the great deals are actually large items such as furniture, and if you don’t have any way of taking the item home, you won’t be able to buy it. Many people miss out on great deals because they aren’t equipped to handle getting the items home.