Getting to the Bottom of Email Security Issues

Is Your Email Security Really Effective?

About two years ago I had a laptop that got infected with a virus that came through an email. At that time I didn’t really think too much about email security, but after that virus trashed that laptop I decided that email security should become a priority. But what steps do we need to take to ensure our email is truly secure? The answer may surprise you.

Antivirus Software

Hopefully you have an effective antivirus program and antivirus software isn’t an issue you need to discuss. However, if you don’t have antivirus software running on your computer, you have some serious email security problems. Without antivirus software, surfing the net and getting email is like walking barefoot through a field swarming with poisonous snakes.

The majority of computer viruses make their way to your computer via email. If you don’t have an antivirus program scanning the email you receive, chances are almost one-hundred percent that you’ve become infected with one virus or another. Do yourself a favor and get antivirus protection right away if you don’t already have it. Only then can you even begin to discuss effective email security.

An Effective Firewall

Once you have antivirus software, you should boost your email security with a firewall. Firewalls protect against viruses and other malicious computer code and your email security defense isn’t complete without one. Just make sure the firewall you choose is effective in stopping harmful email and email attachments from getting to your computer.

You’re Not Done Yet

Okay, once you have your antivirus software and your firewall in place, you might begin to think that your email security is up to date. That’s what I thought until I was directed to a website that can test your computer for email vulnerabilities. I let the test run on my computer, smugly thinking that it was going to come up with nothing. Boy was I surprised. Not only did I have email security vulnerabilities, but I had a whopping total of five vulnerabilities that my antivirus and firewall weren’t taking care of.

If you want to make sure your email security is working effectively, I highly suggest running the test available at the website. It’s fast and it’s free and it will notify you as to any email security issues you may have.