Good News for People with iPhone on Their Wish List

New iPhone Price Drop Brings Good (and Bad) News

Admit it — when the iPhone hit the stores you wanted it. Even if you didn’t get it, you wanted one. Maybe it was the price or maybe it was a current contract you’re obligated to, but if money was no option you’d have had the iPhone the day it came out. I’ll freely admit it, so you admit it too. Well would-be iPhone owners, I’ve got some news for you…

The iPhone Gets Cheaper

Okay, starting at $299 it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s definitely more affordable. Yes, that’s right — $299. The day iPhone came out the price on the cheaper model was $499, so that’s a $200 price drop. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

As of today, you can get the 8 GB iPhone for $399 (that’s $100 less than th original price of the 4 GB model) and you can get the 4 GB model for just $299.

The Bad News

As with most good news, some bad news is attached. Apple is discontinuing the 4 GB iPhone model. That means that $299 price you were just quoted is only good until they’re all sold out. In other words, get one while you can — the 4 GB iPhone won’t be around forever.

How Are Current iPhone Owners Taking the News?

Honestly, I don’t know. I can’t get any of them to answer their iPhones.

Just kidding…

In all honesty, current iPhone owners probably expected it. If you buy a video game console the day it comes out you expect it to go down in price later on down the line. It’s that way with all electronics. Remember how much DVD players used to cost? Now you can get them for $20 on sale.

It happened with the StarTAC (for those of you who don’t know what one is, you didn’t own a cell phone 10 years ago) and it happened with hundreds of other state-of-the-art cell phone products. The iPhone was destined to experience price drops. It just happened sooner than some of us anticipated. Of course, I don’t suggest rubbing anyone’s face in it…