Google Phone is Google Good

Everything About the Google Phone

Some people love the Google phone and say it’s going to make the iPhone redundant; others swear by Apple and avoid Google like the plague. Still others prefer their good old blackberries. Who to listen to, and what to do?

Actually, there’s no simple answer: what sort of phone you prefer is largely a matter of preference. But it is true that the new Google cell phone is, in many ways, a cross between its main competitors.

The efficiency of a Blackberry

Like a Blackberry, the Google mobile phone has its own keypad (although most — not all — of these fold out from the phone rather than actually attaching, allowing you to fold the device up much smaller). It also has a lot of features that make it very business oriented, for which the Blackberry still tends to rule the day — although a few companies are beginning to issue their employees iPhones.

The apps of the iPhone

Obviously, the big selling point of iPhones — aside from their own unique appeal — comes from the applications or “apps”. People love the ability to personalize their phones with unique and creative applications.

With Google phones, you can also download a ton of apps, but with one important difference: all of the apps for Google phones are free! For many people, that one simple fact sets the Google mobile phone apart from its competitors.

In the end…

Like we said, what sort of cell phone you prefer is really a matter of choice. If you’re an Apple fiend with a love for the iPod, you’ll probably prefer the iPhone. If you’re deeply into business, the Blackberry may be best for you. But if you’re a jack-of-all-trades looking for a great smart phone with business practicality and fun features, it’s well worth your time to check out the Google phone.