Got Store Returns To Take Back?

Store returns may not be as easy to accomplish as they once were.

It’s after Christmas and chances are you have a few store returns that you’ve got to take back. After all, there’s bound to be a gift that doesn’t fit right or a gift that you’d rather exchange for another. Well, let’s hope that you have the gift receipts to accompany those gifts because taking gifts back can be a bit more of a headache than you may imagine.

Stores Are Changing Their Policies

Many stores are changing their store returns policies and unless you have a store receipt or a gift receipt, chances are you’re not going to get cash back for the item that you’re trying to return. If you don’t know what a store’s return policy is, call the store before going so you can know what to expect.

Settle for an Exchange

If you don’t have a store receipt or a gift receipt for your store returns, you might have to settle for an exchange. Many stores refuse to give cash refunds for store returns that don’t have a receipt, so an exchange or a store credit may be your only option.