Green Stamps are Back and Better Than Ever

Do You Remember Green Stamps?

If you’re in your mid twenties or older, you probably remember green stamps. They were small postage-like mint green stamps that stores would give for spending a certain amount. You could collect the green stamps in a book, and after you earned a certain amount of stamps, you could get free merchandise. I bet you thought you’d never see green stamps again. Well good news, green stamps aren’t gone for good. Green stamps have just been reincarnated in a new and exciting form.

Something To Talk To Mom About

If you want to reminisce about the good old days when green stamps very common and you also want to qualify for free merchandise at the same time, then you might be interested in green stamps. provides consumers with a way to earn green points (the virtual equivalent of green stamps) by shopping at online merchants. There are over 100 participating online merchants that are affiliated with Greenpoints. If you buy products from these merchants, you can earn green points and then redeem them for free merchandise.

Earning Green Points

There are also participating grocery stores that you can shop at in order to earn green points. It’s great to be able to get free merchandise for doing something that you have to do anyway-shop for groceries. It’s true the Greenpoints program is all digital, so you won’t get the joy of licking dozens of green stamps and pasting them into a book. However, the free merchandise is still something you can get excited about.

Creating an account at Greenpoints is easy to do and will be the first step for you to get started on your way to earning free merchandise. You can visit their website if you’d like to learn more about their program which can aptly be described as “green stamps meet the World Wide Web.”