Halloween Trick or Treat Safety Tips

What You Need to Know to Keep Your Kids Safe on Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and that means time for trick or treating. Unfortunately, this grand old tradition isn’t what it once was as safety concerns take over. How can we continue the tradition with safety in mind? Here are some tips…

Costume Planning

Make sure your child’s Halloween costume does not obstruct his or her eyesight. If it does, it could pose a danger when your child is crossing the street or walking door to door. Make-up is better than a mask, but if a mask must be worn make sure the eye holes are big enough to allow for peripheral vision.

Candy Check

Make sure your family implements a candy check. Everyone should know that candy can not be eaten until mom and dad inspect and approve. And no, we do not mean dad gets to eat the best of the bunch. Just check the wrappers and sneak one or two pieces when the kids aren’t looking.

Safety Rules

If your kids will be going out on Halloween without you, make sure you set down some safety rules. Your children should know never to go into a stranger’s house, never get into a car and don’t accept unwrapped treats from any neighbors.

After Dark

If you do trick or treat after dark on Halloween make sure you bring a flashlight and reflective clothing markers. It’s inevitable that children will cross streets. You want to make them as visible as possible so they don’t accidentally get hurt.

Remember, Halloween is a truly fun time of year. Keep it safe as well by keeping the above Halloween safety tips in mind.