Have You Tried Dinner By Design?

Dinner By Design Proves To Be More Than Just A Meal

Over the past year or so, I had been noticing more and more establishments called “Dinner By Design” opening up in my state and they always seemed busy. First I saw one open about three towns to the north of me. After seeing three or four more open, one finally opened just down the street and I decided it was time to figure out what in the world it was all about.

Say Goodbye To Fast Food

If you’re one of those people who feeds your family fast food way too often due to your hectic schedule, Dinner By Design may be your answer. You go in for about two hours, prepare a bunch of meals at one time and then take them home, put them in your freezer and take them out as needed for great family dinners throughout the entire week.

How It Works

Dinner By Design isn’t just easy, it can actually be fun. You call ahead (or go online) and schedule kitchen time. At that time you also let Dinner By Design know how many meals you want and which of their menu items you want to prepare. When you get there, everything is ready for you including all of the ingredients and the instructions on preparing them.

To prepare twelve meals it takes about two hours and each meal serves six people. If you have a smaller family, you can actually get twenty-four meals from a two-hour session. You take the food home, put what you won’t use that week in the freezer and then each week take out what you’ll need for that week and you’ll have home-cooked meals each night of the week.


At first I thought it would be expensive to take advantage of what Dinner By Design had to offer. Then I learned that going there was actually cheaper than McDonald’s and it was even cheaper than going to the grocery store and buying all of the recipe items separately. So not only am I able to save time, I save money too and my family gets the benefit of eating good, healthy meals together each night of the week.

If you have a Dinner By Design establishment in your area, I highly suggest you check it out. If you don’t have one, you may want to look into opening one since they do offer franchises.