Have You Visited Your Neighborhood Brazilian Grill?

The Brazilian Grill Way of Dining

Just last week I didn’t know what a Brazilian grill was. Then, two days ago, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of dining. If you’ve never visited one of these restaurants you don’t know what you’re missing…

An Unusual Experience

I honestly didn’t know what I was in for when we walked into the Brazilian grill that recently opened in our neighborhood. In fact, we hadn’t planned on eating there but the restaurant we had gone to was closed, so the new Brazilian restaurant it was.

When we walked in the door the place smelled delicious, but there was no menu at the table and the hostess really didn’t explain anything. We ended up flagging down a member of the staff and asked how to order. That was when we were introduced to a whole new way of dining.

The Brazilian grill restaurants are loosely modeled after the barbecues that the cowboys of southern Brazil used to cook on the road. When you go to a Brazilian grill a server walks around with different cuts of meat and you let them know how much of each you want (it’s all you can eat).

The night we were there we were treated to bacon wrapped sirloin, garlic sirloin, ham and pineapple and bacon wrapped chicken as well as a few other tasty delights. It’s definitely a meat lover’s dream come true.

There is also a salad bar when you visit a Brazilian grill. You can expect to find tasty treats like fried bananas, yucca, cheese bread and various salads.

The Bad News

The only bad thing about the Brazilian grill we visited was the cost. At about $22 per person (not including drinks or gratuity) it can get quite expensive. That being said, if you’re really hungry and you’re looking for a great meal, then see if your neighborhood offers a Brazilian grill. It’s well worth the price.