Having a Baby? Here’s How to Save Money

Having a baby can get expensive. Follow these helpful tips and save

Having a baby gets quite expensive. By planning ahead and being practical, you can really cut the cost of having a baby. If your budget is a little on the slim side, follow these tips to save money.

Tip #1 — Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is possibly the best way to cut the expense of having a baby: no bottles, no formula. The cost of all the bottles and supplies add up, not to mention the cost of formula. Save all this money and put it to good use elsewhere by breastfeeding.

Tip #2 — Breastfeeding wardrobe

If you are planning to save money by breastfeeding, great! But don’t rush out and buy a breastfeeding wardrobe and bras just yet. While breastfeeding seems like a simple and natural thing to do — and it is — it also has difficulties and not everyone can breastfeed.

The first couple of weeks after you have your baby; you will be staying at home, so wait on buying those breastfeeding bras and clothes. See how breastfeeding works out for you before you spend the money.

Tip #3 — Save on baby clothes

If you are blessed with baby showers, be sure and thank everyone, but don’t rush home and remove all the tags. Leave tags on the clothes until you are sure your baby is going to be able to wear the outfits. Many times at showers, you get multiple outfits all in the same size.

By not removing tags, you can let your baby wear the clothes they need but still have some to return for larger sizes as your baby grows.

Tip #4 — Buy unisex clothes and baby items

When you find out the sex of your first child, your first impulse screams “buy everything for that baby.” Before you go out and buy up everything in the store dolled up in pink, stop and think. You can save a lot of money if you can pass down baby clothing to your next baby. But what if the next baby is the opposite sex? You can’t put all that pink on a baby boy.

Decorate the nursery with a unisex theme and buy unisex car seats, strollers, carriers etc. This way, you can re-use the same items with your next child.

Tip #5 — Be practical

Anything and everything that has to do with babies is cute, cute, cute and it’s fun to buy, buy, buy. Regardless how cute those infant hiking boots are, does a newborn really need shoes? No. Buy booties and skip those expensive — but cute — shoes.

There are a multitude of cute, but impractical and unnecessary items for new parents to buy. Before you make any impulse buys, think about the practicality.

Having a baby doesn’t have to be expensive; there are many ways to save money. The tips mentioned above are just a few to get you started. Use these ideas; apply them and you’ll see how simple it is to save money on your baby.