Heartworm Pills for Dogs Are a Must For Every Pet Owner

Heartworm Pills for Dogs

It is devastating to hear from your veterinarian that your precious pup has heartworm. It is an often-fatal disease that can be very unpredictable. Whether your dog plays outside every day for hours or just goes out 15 minutes for a potty break, he or she is at risk of contracting heartworm disease. There are, however, ways to prevent it.

Testing Every Spring

If you don’t have your dog on heartworm preventative year round, you’re going to need to test him every spring. A heartworm test consists of a simple blood test with almost instant results. If heartworm is present, intensive treatment is needed. If it isn’t, heartworm pills for dogs are a must.

Don’t ever give your dog heartworm pills unless she or he has been tested for heartworm. If your dog has heartworm and you start treatment without veterinary care, it could kill him. A heartworm test is absolutely critical to the health of your pet.

Top Heartworm Pills for Dogs

Heartgard Tablets are one of the most popular heartworm preventatives. They can be taken once a month and come in packages of six pills. Each six-pill package lasts 6 months so you’ll need 2 packages each year. These pills are normally sold for about $30.

Proheart is similar to Heartgard. They are a bit more expensive but they have different weight categories and can help dogs that weigh over 100 pounds. These pills are sold for around $25 to $40 and come with six pills.

Other alternative heartworm pills for dogs include Nuheart, Daily Heartworm, Milbemax tablets, Valuheart and Total Care Purina. Your vet can help you decide which heartworm pill is best for your pooch.