Helpful Sites for Feeding Kids Free

Need help feeding kids? Try these helpful sites

We all know that feeding kids gets expensive and that one way to cut costs is to eat at home. But what about those times you have no choice? Whether you’re on vacation or on the run, it helps to know when and where you can feed children for free. To help you out, here are a few sites that give you all the information you need.

Feed Your Kids for Free

Kids eat…and eat…and eat. The best way to save money when feeding a herd of hungry kids is to eat all your meals at home, cut out junk food, and buy food in bulk. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work all the time. When you find yourself on the run chauffeuring kids to various activities, getting home late from work, or on vacation, use these sites to find restaurants that let kids eat free.,, are great sites to find free food for your kids. At each of these sites, you can search using the zip code for your area or by entering the city name.

Once you enter this information, the restaurants in that area pop up. It also tells you what days you can find the deals and any rules that apply. For example, most deals are for dine-in only and there are usually limits to the number of meals you can get. The restaurants usually limit the number of meals to two free children’s meals per one adult with the purchase of an adult meal.

A nice feature found at Kids Eat 4 Free is their cuisine selection. With this feature, you can enter what type of food your kids want and locate a free meal. So regardless if your kids are hungry for Mexican, American, or Italian, you’ll be able to find it.

Feeding children gets expensive but when you eat out, there’s no reason to pay full price. Work the system and locate free meals for every day of the week or just use it for an occasional special treat. Either way, you’ll save money while feeding kids.