Homemade Products Can Save You Money

Learn about the Money-Saving Benefits of Homemade Products

Making your own homemade products is a great way to save money on health and beauty items and even household cleaning items. Below you’ll find some great tips for making your own homemade products including both beauty products and household cleaning products.

Luxury Shaving Cream for Less

Shaving cream is one example of a homemade product that you can make for far less than it costs you to buy at the store. Baby oil mixed with moisturizer foams up nicely and can be used as a shaving cream. In fact, many “luxury” shaving creams are just that – baby oil and moisturizer. It may not have the scent as commercial shaving creams, but it will definitely get the job done.

Acne Spot Treatment

Calamine lotion is a great acne spot treatment and can be found in almost every medicine cabinet. It is far less expensive than other acne products. For about $2.00, you can get a bottle of calamine lotion that will last about a year.

All-Natural Window Cleaner

Water and vinegar is time-honored tradition for cleaning windows. You will find that it will clean all the residue off your windows. Save an old squirt bottle and fill it with tap water and some vinegar. This homemade product can result in a lot of savings over the course of a year.

Pool Supplies

Do you have a swimming pool? Then, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on chemicals sold at your pool supply store. Just buy straight chlorine from the pool supply store and use baking soda. Baking soda will balance the pH in your swimming pool.

If your pool is loaded with algae, buy a large supply of ammonia. This will kill the algae and save you money in the process. However, make sure you NEVER mix ammonia and chlorine — it can be deadly. The mixture of these two products makes a type of poisonous gas that can be very harmful to humans and animals.

“Homemade products” for your swimming pool such as baking soda take zero preparation since you are simply using a basic product that has dozens of different uses.

More Baking Soda Uses

Another use for baking soda is for cleaning tasks around the house. You could use it as a general purpose cleanser for almost any surface. It is a great product for use in your refrigerator. You could leave an open container of it to eliminate any odors in your refrigerator.

Do you want white looking teeth? Baking soda as a toothpaste is the answer here. You will find that baking soda is an ingredient is several commercial toothpastes. It will not whiten your teeth overnight, but it will show results after a few months.

Homemade products can be a great money saver for cost conscious consumers. Do you know of homemade products that can save money? Let us know about them!