How Frugal Are You?

How frugal are you? What have you done during the recession to save money?

We’ll admit to being a little curious: just how frugal are you, Dear Readers?

As you know, the primary purpose of our little website is to help you save a few bucks here, some pennies there, so that you can keep those savings back for a rainy day or at least spend them on more important things in your life.

That’s what being a Savvy Consumer is all about, after all. So how do you exercise your frugality? What kinds of bargains do you pursue?

More Than Curiosity

Besides just being nosy, the reason we’re interested is basically this: while obviously we come up with all kinds of ideas on our own, there’s no way we could ever hit on all the possibilities. So we’re looking for the biggest money-saving ways that people have been frugal.

What are your special tricks for pinching pennies? What’s the most frugal thing you’ve done during the recession to save money? Why did you do it? How did you learn about it? What were the consequences, not just for your finances but for you personally?

Whatever it is, we’d like to hear it. If we get enough tricks, we’ll feature them in an article or two, giving you full credit!

A Few Examples

Now, your personal savings tip doesn’t have to be spectacular. Little things like waiting until first-run movies come out on DVD and then renting them counts, and so does trading in paperback books for credit at a used bookstore, rather than buying books in hardback. Libraries are a good way to save money, too.

See what I mean?

One of my most effective penny-pinching moves was to change all the incandescent light bulbs in my house for compact fluorescents (the swirly kind). They may cost a lot more, but they last forever (exactly one has burned out in the last two years) and the savings in electrical costs were immediately noticeable.

I have a friend who uses her clothes dryer to heat her house in the winter. Instead of plugging the outlet hose into the wall, she stretches an old stocking over the end (to catch the lint) and lets it go. It’s a bit muggy with the moisture from the drying clothes, but she doesn’t mind and it saves dollars on heat.

And There You Have It

We hope we’ve inspired you to share your own unique tip. It doesn’t have to be fancy or save much — after all, every little bit helps these days. So, how frugal are you? Email us at lanfordinc at and let us know your frugal tips!