How Jenny Craig Really Works

We’ve all heard various celebrity plugs for Jenny Craig. Is the program really that great?

Between Kirstie Alley and Valerie Bertinelli, the entire country has seen Jenny Craig at its best — and worst. The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar machine, and since most of us can’t afford to mess around with paying ten thousand dollars to lose weight (heck, we’d all get liposuction if we could), it’s important to know about a program before you take a risk on it.

The details

Been trying them all? Nutri-System, Atkins, South Beach, Weight Watchers….how does Jenny’s diet plan stack up against other diets.

Ease of use

The verdict on this one depends greatly on who you are. If you’re single, or married with no children, then Jenny’s diet plan is a breeze. You won’t even have to cook anymore since all of your food comes prepackaged (and yes, you have to buy it — that’s half the plan). If, on the other hand, you have a family, you’ll wind up preparing a meal anyway and then eating your own separate food.


Jenny’s weight loss meals are surprisingly varied and tasty. There are frozen and shelf varieties and they include everything from pasta to meatloaf to chocolate cheesecake.


Vegetables are unlimited on the Jenny diet plan, and you can eat a lot of fruit. Otherwise you’re limited to preassigned snacks and meals, but since you get three snacks and three meals a day, you won’t find yourself overly hungry. Also, the diet includes numerous treats (like cookies and cake) to keep your sweet tooth satisfied.


Jenny doesn’t ask you to take pills or eat anything unusual. The secret lies in portion control more than what you’re eating. The meals are generally well-balanced, the diet takes your needs into account (including vegetarianism), and you get a vitamin supplement just in case.


This isn’t a cheap weight loss plan, but if you take into consideration what you’re saving on groceries (again, assuming you’re not doubling up and cooking a meal anyway), the cost becomes a little more palatable.


This is the bottom line, isn’t it? And the answer is yes: it works. Through portion control, education, and support, the Jenny Craig diet plan will definitely help you lose weight. They’ll also coach you on how to keep it off — although that part, of course, is largely up to you.

The verdict: Jenny Craig is an excellent option for single people and still something to consider for those with families.