How Safe is Your Baby’s Crib?

Discover how safe your baby’s crib really is

How safe are baby cribs? With the recent recall of 2.2 million baby cribs by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, it makes you wonder. The Safety Commission has also recalled over 9 million cribs in the last five years. With the lives of babies at risk, it pays to know how to choose a safe crib.

Baby Crib Recalls

Thinking that your baby could possibly be in danger of getting hurt or even dying while in its own crib is unthinkable. Unfortunately, it happens. Whether from unsafe design or failure of parts, accidents do happen. To keep this from happening to your child, you can do several things.

First, to be sure the baby crib your child sleeps in isn’t dangerous, check the recall list. This complete list will tell you if your brand of crib is on the recall list and why. If the crib you have in your home is on the list, stop using it immediately.

Next, follow these guidelines for choosing a safe crib.

Measure the slats on your baby’s crib should be no farther apart than 2 3/8 inches. If the slats are any wider, your baby could become trapped between them. An easy measuring tool — a can of soda. If it passes through the slats, they’re too wide.

Check for sharp edges, screws and blots that stick out. These could cut or scrap your baby.

Check the hardware to be sure it is in good condition. Hardware can weaken over time.

Buy a New Crib — The idea of your baby sleeping in the same crib you used is sweet. However, more accidents and injuries happen to babies that sleep in older or antique cribs. Safety regulations haven’t always been around and an older crib may be dangerous.

Plain cribs are best. Cribs that have fancy scrollwork or woodwork on them look pretty, but give more opportunity for a baby to get clothing caught and cause strangulation.

Keep disaster from striking in your home. Be sure your baby is safe in his crib by first checking the recall list. If you haven’t yet purchased a crib, follow these tips to buy the safest crib possible for your baby.