How to Haggle and Get the Price You Want

Don’t like the price? Learn how to haggle

Knowing how to haggle has become a lost art. To our grandparent’s generation, it was a way of life. To us, it has all but disappeared. With prices soaring out of control every year, maybe it’s an art form that needs to go mainstream again.

Do your research

You can’t bargain for a good deal if you don’t know what one is when you see it. Before you ever begin shopping and trying to work out bargains, start at home with the internet and the local newspaper.

Decide on the specifications of the product you want. What’s important to you? What must the new product have that you need? Now, start looking for the best price. Search the internet and local sales papers. Once you have your facts, hit the stores and start bargaining.

Timing is everything

The best time to find bargains is at the end of every month. Sales and store managers have quotas that they must meet every month. If they haven’t met their quota for the month, they’ll be quite happy to bargain with you.

Use discretion

The manager might be willing to make a deal with you, but not necessarily everyone else in the store. Keep your haggling quiet. If the other nearby shoppers hear you getting a deal, they’ll bombard the manager with requests for their own discounts and the manager definitely doesn’t want that to happen

Know when to be quiet

Silence lets the retailer know that you are undecided and “on the fence”. Silence is often the key to getting a better price or another product or service thrown in for free.

Realize that all big ticket items are negotiable

The markup on big ticket items is huge. In other words, there’s a lot of room for the retailer to deal and still come away with a profit. How much profit is up to you. Find the right person to ask, usually the manager, and then have to courage to ask for the deal. Most of the time, the manager is willing to bargain.

Don’t look at haggling from a negative point. By learning how to haggle and looking at from the point of being a challenge, you can not only save money but have a good time doing it.