How to Keep Your Front Load Washer from Stinking

Quick tips to get rid of the stinky smell in your front load washer

When it comes to washing machines, front load washers are a hot item. They’re cool and everybody wants one, but…they seem to have a problem. A very stinky problem. If own a front loading washer and are bothered by the bad smell, keep reading to learn why your washer stinks and what you can do about it.

My washing machine smells

If your washer stinks, you’re not alone. Unfortunately, it seems to be a problem with all front loading washers. Consumer Reports had so many subscribers complain, they now include this information in their front loading washer reviews.

What are the complaints? Smell. The smell has been described as everything from a gym locker room to sewage. Some owners complain the washer has a mold and mildew smell. However you want to describe it — it smells.

What brands smell and why?

The problem doesn’t appear to be brand specific but happens to all front loading washers. It seems the smell is a result of the design. Because the door opens to the front of the machine, it must seal extra tightly. The water left behind the drum doesn’t have a chance to evaporate.

The rubber gasket that seals the door and keeps water from leaking out is also a problem. Water tends to get behind the gasket, collects, and starts smelling. In addition that, mold and mildew begin growing in this area.

Now, onto the tips to prevent or get rid of the stinky smell of front load washers once and for all!

Tip #1: Vinegar

The easiest way to get rid of the smell is to add one cup of white vinegar to your wash every time you run a load of clothes. Simply pour it in while the washer is filling.

The vinegar smell evaporates so your clothes do not smell like salad. It might take several loads for the smell to go away completely. Once you are rid of the smell, you can switch to using vinegar every two to three loads.

Vinegar also kills the mold, sanitizes your clothes, gets odors out of your clothes, and sets colors to prevent fading and ‘bleeding’ of colors.

Tip #2: Detergent

Only use HE (high efficiency detergent), and be sure you use the correct amount.

Tip#3: Timing

Remove the freshly washed clothes as soon as possible or they will absorb the smell of the washer. And leave the door open when you’re finished washing. This gives the washer time to dry out and less time for mold to grow.

Tip #4: Use products to remove the stinky smell

SmellyWasher sells a product designed specifically for this problem. According to various reports and comments from front load owners, it works.

Or use bleach. Do this when the washer is empty, run a cycle using the hottest water setting, and add one cup of bleach. This sanitizes your washer and helps get rid of the mold growing on the rubber gasket that seals the door.

Paying a lot of money for an expensive front load washer, only to have it smell is disappointing. But before you replace it, spending even more money, try one of these tips to take care of the smell.