How to Save Money on Gas

Save money on gas without giving up your car.

If you haven’t noticed the gas prices at the pump lately, you’re one in a few. Almost everyone has been affected by the rising prices of gasoline, and even though they took a bit of a drop in some areas, gas prices are still astronomical in the grand scheme of things. If you want to save money on gas without giving up your car, follow these simple steps.

Tune Up Your Car

A simple tune up can help you improve you gas mileage by about four percent. That’s quite a bit of gas over the course of a year. If you haven’t had your car tuned up in a while, this may be the time to think about it.

Keep Air Filters Clean

Clean and replace your air filters as needed. A clean air filter can save you up to 10 percent when it comes to fuel economy.

Drive Sensibly

Driving like a lunatic (or an aggressive driver as the politically correct would say) can actually cost you serious gas mileage. It’s estimated that aggressive driving on the highway can cause you to decrease your fuel economy by about 30 percent.

Use Cruise Control

Using the cruise control option on your vehicle will help your car maintain a constant speed and will help you consume gas more efficiently.