How to Save Money on Gasoline

Energy costs can really eat into your daily expenses, so here are a couple of tips on how to save money on gasoline

Now that gas prices are back around the $3.00 level, you’re probably keen to learn about new ways that you can save money on gasoline. It’s not like you can do without gas, unless you work at home and never go anywhere; and even then, you’re likely to need a gallon here or there to mow the lawn.

Too bad the more eco-friendly alternatives, particularly diesel and biodiesel, have practically priced themselves out of the market.

Fortunately, it’s possible to conserve gas without too much effort, saving a significant amount of money in the process. In this article, I’ll discuss some basic practices that you can start using today. They may seem minor, but the consequences can be far-reaching.

About That Lawnmower…

Did you know that the average gas-powered push mower generates as much pollution as 11 cars? Plus, they’re enormously noisy and wasteful of fuel. If you really want to save money, you should invest in a modern push-reel lawnmower, kind of like the ones your grandparents used (but lighter and sharper).

Of course, those mowers require a lot of muscle-power. If we can’t interest you in that option, at least keep your lawnmower blades as sharp as possible. That way, your mower will use less gas during the cutting, the lawn will be damaged less, and you can get out of the hot sun more quickly.

Automotive Options

One of the simplest ways to save money on gas is simply to be wise when making your next automotive purchase. Do you really need that formidable SUV, or would a smaller vehicle that gets three times the mileage do for you and your family? Think about it. You know in your heart what you really need, not want.

Whatever automobile you choose, make sure you keep it tuned up and properly maintained. That way, your car will run more smoothly and use less gas in the process. Saving hundreds of bucks a year is worth spending maybe a hundred bucks keeping old Betsy running like a top, isn’t it?

And here’s a really easy one: keep your tires inflated to the proper pressure. Even tires that are overinflated or underinflated by just a few pounds per square inch cause your car to use more fuel. Check your owner’s manual and the tires themselves for the proper pressure.

Your Choice

Admittedly, the things I’ve listed here take some time out of your busy schedule, so it’s your choice: do you prefer to save time, or do you prefer to save money? It’s up to you. But if you don’t try these tips, don’t come crying to us when you can’t seem to save money on gasoline costs!