How to Save on Your Cable, Phone, and Internet Costs

Your cable, phone, and Internet costs don’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, they don’t even have to be on separate bills

If you haven’t taken advantage of them already, there are several easy ways to save substantially on your cable, phone and Internet costs. The good thing here is that as technology advances, all three are becoming aspects of the same basic communications protocol… and that can make them cheaper.

Tip One: Trim That Cable Package

Do you really need 500 cable channels — or 1,000? You know full well that at any given time, about 25% are going to be showing reruns of Star Trek, I Love Lucy, or The Golden Girls. A bunch of the rest are going to be showing Bollywood dramas you can’t even understand, or unnecessary iterations of ESPN.

I suspect that you can make do with less. That being the case, just call your cable company and downgrade to basic cable. Be firm about it, because they won’t want to let you do it. Do it anyway. You’ll get everything you really need, and if you can live without movies, all the better. There’s always RedBox.

This simple move can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Tip Two: Slow Down Your Internet

Internet providers like to sing the praises of how fast their service is, and the faster it is, the more they charge for it. But it’s a pretty safe bet that unless you’re a true power-user, you won’t be able to tell the difference between their highest-speed Internet service and the next rung down.

Your pocketbook will, though. The fastest Internet services tend to cost $15-20 a month more than slightly slower options. That might not sound like much, but it’s the cost of a nice meal at a restaurant… and if you toss it into savings, it can add up. Again, all you need to do is call your provider and ask for a downgrade.

Tip Three: Combine Your Phone, Cable, and Internet

It took them a while (and a few technological breakthroughs), but cable companies have finally started to admit that cable, Internet, and telephone service are all aspects of the same thing: communications. You’ve probably already been approached with offers to combine all three.

If you’re still using a landline telephone service, this is actually a good idea. It combines multiple bills into one, saving on postage and other bill-paying costs, and most cable companies can offer you a pretty sweet deal besides.

This may not make as much sense if you’re using cell phones exclusively, but there are some companies that can also provide cell service on top of the basic phone service. If you can find one, take advantage of the offer, because it’s a great way to save on your cable, phone and Internet costs!