Hybrid Cars Can Save You More than Just Gas Money

Hybrid Car Owners Enjoy New Savings

If you’re thinking about buying a hybrid car, your reasons for doing so may just have gotten greater. Not only can you save gas money when owning a hybrid car, but you can take a nice tax deduction and you can also now save money on insurance.

Tax Savings

If you buy a hybrid car, Uncle Sam is willing to reward you for your conservation attitude. Consumer Reports states that hybrid car owners may save up to $3,400 on taxes when they buy a hybrid car.

Insurance Savings

Now not only do hybrid car owners have fuel savings and tax incentives to purchase a hybrid car, but you can actually start saving money on your insurance. Travelers Insurance announced recently that they will be offering a policy discount to customers who drive hybrid cars. Think the discount will only be a few dollars? Think again. The discount being offered to hybrid drivers is a whopping 10 percent.

While right now Travelers Insurance is the only company that we know of offering this discount, other insurance companies are sure to follow suit in the near future.