Identity Theft: What You Need to Know

Identity theft is something everyone should be concerned about.

I know, I know. You’re probably thinking it can never happen to you, right? After all, you take basic precautions and you’re a pretty smart cookie. Let me tell you something, that’s what I thought and believe me, identity theft can happen to anyone. In fact, it happened to me.

Imagine This

Imagine going to open up a bank account and being told you can’t because you’ve been reported to Chex Systems for account abuse with not one, but three different banks. The problem is, you’ve never banked at any of those institutions and you’ve definitely never bounced any checks. My friend, you’ve just been the victim of identity theft.

Numbers are Rising

Identity theft is an increasingly common problem and even people who are careful with their personal information are finding themselves the victims of this increasing trend. In fact, your personal information may be for sale right now and you wouldn’t even know it. Who’d buy it? People who want to use your good name to open bank accounts and credit cards. Identity theft can be an ugly, ugly situation.

If you want to protect yourself from identity theft, visit these helpful sites:

This is a great website that can help you protect yourself from identity theft.

Here is the Federal Trade Commission’s site about identity theft.

The identity theft resource center is another great identity theft resource.