I’m Changing My Mind About Grocery Store Sales

It May Pay Off To Run From Store To Store

I will admit it, in the past I have made fun of my grandmother for running from one grocery store to another to take advantage of the hot sales of the week. In fact, if it’s not in the sales flyer, grandma won’t buy it. Countless times I told her she was wasting time and gas and the money she saved wasn’t enough to make up for it. Countless times she argued with me. Now it looks like I’ll be eating crow. Grandma was right after all.

Great Deals Can Make Up For Gas Used and Time Spent

It appears that going to different grocery stores on grocery shopping day to buy the deals of the week can indeed pay off. A recent trip to three different grocery stores with my grandmother recently proved that to me. Let me take you on the journey that enlightened me.

First we head off to grocery store A. Grocery store A has a ton of stuff on sale this week, but grandmas not buying unless it’s buy one get one free or at least twenty-five percent off. First we head over to the individual bottles of Propel water that usually sell for $1.50 each. They’re on sale ten for ten dollars. Grandma buys twenty of them (yes, she is the stock-up queen — she has an entire room in her basement for exactly that purpose). Right off the bat she’s saved $5.

Then we head over to the pre-cooked dinner entrees that you just pop in the microwave and heat up. They’re on sale – buy one at $6.99, get one free. She buys six and gets six free. That’s a savings of more than $40 — so now she’s saved about $45 and we’re only at the first store. By the time we’re done with grocery store A, grandma’s sale prices have saved her a whopping $67.94 and we weren’t even there an hour. Off to grocery store B.

It takes approximately six minutes to get to grocery store B. Milk is on sale for $1.99 instead of the usual $3.29. She buys two gallons (she does a lot of baking). That’s $2.60 right off the bat. The savings continue to add up and by the time we leave there, grandma has saved $24.22. We were there for about 30 minutes.

The same thing happens at grocery store C. The savings aren’t as good — just $14.63, but we were only there twenty minutes so it’s understandable. So how much does grandma save today? One-hundred and six dollars and seventy-nine cents. Not bad for not even a half a day of grocery shopping. I think I’ll learn to take my cues from grandma.