Important Information for Pet Owners about Dogs and Chocolate

A Surprising Fact that Many Pet Owners Don’t Realize

Many pet owners are unaware of this, but you are never supposed to feed your dog chocolate. Dogs are not able to digest chocolate properly, and chocolate can actually kill your pet. Read the following tips to keep your dog safe and healthy. All pet owners will benefit from this advice.

Real Death By Chocolate Isn’t A Good Thing

Chocolate is dangerous for dogs. Chocolate contains theobromine, which can be toxic to dogs if they consume a high quantity of it. There are many pet owners who are unaware that they might be harming their pets if they give them a piece of their chocolate candy bar or a chocolate cookie as a treat. If you want to reward your dog, stick with giving him dog treats made specifically for dogs or a new dog toy. Check with your veterinarian too as they may sell healthy dog treats that your pet will enjoy.

Keeping It Out Of Reach

Sometimes pet owners realize that their dog shouldn’t eat chocolate, but their pets end up consuming it anyway. It is very important to keep chocolate out of your dog’s reach. When you leave the house, your dog can easily get a hold of any chocolate that is on your kitchen table or countertops. Store chocolate in a high cabinet.

Watch for Signs

If pet owners notice the telltale signs that their dog has eaten chocolate, such as a candy wrapper laying shredded apart on the dining room floor, there are some steps they can take after the fact. As a general rule of thumb, you should be more concerned if you have a small breed dog. The level of risk depends on how much your dog weighs and how much chocolate he ate.

When In Doubt, Call

It is always a good idea to call your veterinarian for recommendations. My veterinarian recommended giving my dog saltwater. Obviously, pet owners realize that most dogs are not going to willingly drink saltwater. When my dog ate a package of Oreos, I simply poured saltwater into his mouth and held his snout (this is easier with large breed dogs) shut until he was forced to swallow. Within five minutes, he began vomiting. This method is not going to be as effective if a considerable amount of time has passed since your dog ate the chocolate, and you might not know how long it has been if you were out of your house all afternoon.

If you know any pet owners, pass along this important information about dogs and chocolate. Unfortunately, too many pet owners are unaware that chocolate can be toxic for dogs.